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I designed and coded my website! I used Bootstrap, jQuery, Jekyll, Font Awesome (for any icons on this site), Unsplash/Pexels/freepik (for stock images and vectors that appear on this site) and Adobe Photoshop (for image-related components). This site is hosted on GitHub.

This site is still a work in progress! I plan to improve storytelling on my research pages by including narrative images with parallax scrolling.

Resources for Research

Below are various tasks I've programmed for my experiments. All of my experiments are written in Python and run on PsychoPy3, however I also included PsychoPy2-compatible versions of the tasks where available.
Some of the tasks are now on GitHub!

Please cite accordingly if you use any of my code in your experiments (see each category below)!

Compound Remote Associates (CRA) task

PsychoPy2 version:


Citation for PsychoPy2 version:

Tiffani Ng. (2019, September 21). Compound Remote Associates task for PsychoPy2 (Version v1.0). Zenodo.

Anagrams task

Navon letter task

Distributed Attention task